Thundercat – Friend Zone

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. It was cold and I was full of chocolate. When I was walking down 9th avenue, around 3...

Feel – Sonder

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m currently drinking gin (alone) analyzing all of the times I’ve ruined...
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When I get back from a party and I'm faded I usually put on some Drake and cry myself to sleep. After listening to...
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Gallant – Weight In Gold (Ta–ku Remix)

Gallant – Weight In Gold (Ta-ku Remix)

Check out this Ta-ku remix of the Gallant song "Weight In Gold." This track sounds like the inside a wool cap John...
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Chet Faker–1998 feat. Banks

Chet Faker-1998 feat. Banks

1998 was a good year. "Saving Private Ryan" and "The Big Lebowski" came out, Puff Daddy was P Diddy, and...