Jack’s Guide to Morning Happiness

Make Mornings Better

How to Make Mornings Not Suck…

It’s quite simple actually, I’ve devised an easy two step program to help remedy the sickness that is the morning.

Step 1: Eat a peanut butter and bacon sandwich.

If you’ve never had a peanut butter and bacon sandwich (BPB for short) you have not lived. Stop reading this right now and go make one. #thankmelater #drake #eyebrows




Step 2: Listen to these three songs. Hazy hip-hop and oh so crispy beats of Noah B are the perfect soundtrack to your BPB feast.

If you follow these two simples steps andyou’ll ¬†find yourself becoming a morning person in no time.

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Born in New Jersey, moved to London and currently in Baltimore. Enjoy ratchet stuff

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