In an attempt to curb my crippling loneliness,  and due to the fact that cuffing season is quickly approaching, I’ve taken to Tinder in an effort to find me a nice Jewish girl. I’m really just looking for a girl that will watch serial killer documentaries with me and teach me the true meaning of Hanukkah (I think it’s something to do with oil?). So far, I’ve been unsuccessful in my quest for a jewess to love, but I stumbled upon this pretty cool rap song by RAYNE.

“On!” is an ode to ignoring phone calls, texts, and, I can only assume, Tinder messages. The infectious instrumental provided by KennyBEATZ is almost good enough to help me forget how alone I am.

RAYNE  has been posting tracks to her Soundcloud pretty consistently over the past six months, and everything I’ve heard from her has been fuego. So be sure to check out more of her stuff here.


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Born in New Jersey, moved to London and currently in Baltimore. Enjoy ratchet stuff

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