Platinum Golddigger – Ace Cosgrove


Over the past week or so, “Platinum Golddigger” by Ace Cosgrove has been a staple in any playlist or mix I’ve made. There’s just something about hip-hop tracks that incorporate elements of house music that gives me a tickling sensation down in my giblets, and makes me want to shake my scrawny caboose. On the surface “Platinum Golddigger” may appear to be a simple rehashing of a common rap trope, the meddling money-hungry woman chasing a person for their wealth and little much else. However, Ace Cosgrove ‘s lyrics and vocal inflections add a layer of character and depth to the track. When Cosgrove is at his best, he radiates sincerity and breathes life into pretty much any instrumental he touches. Additionally, Cosgrove’s lyrics provide a sense of reliability and reminds listeners that there are gold diggers at every stage of the economic ladder. You don’t have to be a millionaire to meet a person that’s only interested in your wallet, so please mind your pockets.


Check out Ace Cosgrove’s soundcloud here.

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