It’s Monday afternoon and I’m currently drinking gin (alone) analyzing all of the times I’ve ruined relationships. I’m not supposed to be feeling these complex emotions this early in the week goddammit! The people largely responsible for my own self-reflection is a group named Sonder. This R&B trio craft tracks that drip sexiness and their music begs to be listened to in a dark room while you may or may not be crying, wondering if Cindy from your second grade class was really the one that got away. Here’s to being sad on Mondays!

Sonder recently dropped an EP titled Into. The compact seven track project is chock full of slow jams that will keep you satisfied for months on end. “Feel” is one of my favorite tracks off the EP and it is so smooth that it makes me want to buy a beanie and learn how to play the bass.

Check out the full EP here

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