New York is currently covered in snow. I am currently locked in my apartment, looking at memes and eating various cured meats. I ain’t talking about nothing, unless we talking that prosciutto talk. Anyways, I found this pretty groovy track. As the title of this article would suggest, the song is called “A Guide to Close-mindedness,” and it’s produced by kojo a. and features vocals from Uno Hype.

The watery synth that plays throughout the track has an infectious quality and serves as a nice counterbalance to Uno Hype’s precise delivery. Complete with crisp hi-hats and a gliding bassline, this is a track I can definitely see myself listening to before going out with some friends to a skating rink and/or a dive bar. Yes, I have friends. They just go to a different school, so you probably wouldn’t know them. Stop asking about it!

Listen to more of kojo a.’s production here, and check out more of Uno Hype’s raps here

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