Rooftops, the latest tape¬†from talented instrumental junkie, beatmachinearon, has a certain quality to it that keeps me coming back for more and more. There is a real sense of honesty in this guy’s music; beatmachinearon doesn’t look to hide behind any cheap tricks or gimmicks. He simply provides a quality product that is simultaneously unrefined and detailed .

The tape is composed of about 5 unnamed instrumentals, and due to the similarity of some of the songs it is often unclear where one track ends and another begins. While the project may play into a lot of the tropes of lo-fi beat music, like heavy sidechaining and excessive use of vinyl crackle samples, the tape is still worth a listen. I realize that beatmachinearon did not reinvent the genre with this collection of loose instrumentals, but not only the revolutionary are worth paying attention to.

This tape combined with some of beatmachinearon’s more recent work has got me pretty stoked about what he has in store for 2k17.

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