For a project titled Romance, Nymano’s latest release is surprisingly sonically melancholy. The 18 song tape is a series of laid back, punchy instrumentals with a couple of tracks featuring vocalists. Nynamo has been active on Soundcloud for the past four years or so, consistently releasing tracks and full lengths projects. In this time, the young beatmaker has carved out a space for himself in the crowded Soundcloud arena and honed his own personal style. His sound does not venture outside the common tropes lo-fi hiphop, but instead looks to be a perfection of the genre itself. Like many others, the footprints of Nujabes and A Tribe Called Quest can be seen in his jazzy production, and yet, Nymano stands above many of the thousands upon thousands of bedroom producers, by the sheer merit and intricacies of his work.

The sample based production and heavy presence of vinyl crackling sounds gives Romance a sense of nostalgia. This project is by no means futuristic, but is instead a celebration of what once was. Through this project listeners do not feel the sensation of currently being in love, but instead are presented with fragmented memories of a love that once was. Furthermore, the short length of each track gives the feeling of a slideshow. We are given brief flashes, snapshots of motifs and ideas. Listening to the project in full is like looking through a stranger’s scrapbook, a collection of photos and loose clippings, memories that you don’t fully understand, but nonetheless make you feel something. To Nymano’s credit, with this project he was able to stick to an overarching concept, both thematically and musically, that gives the tape a strong sense of consistency and purpose. Unlike many of the other projects you might see from other bedroom producers, Romance feels like an actual album rather than a loose, half-baked loops.

While I appreciate Nymano’s ability to craft interesting instrumentals that can stand alone as interesting pieces of music, some of the best tracks on Romance feature vocals. In future I would love to see Nymano craft a tape that features structured and polished songs with cohesive ideas and lyrics. The talent is clearly there, but only having songs hovering around the 2 minute mark leaves listeners unsatisfied. I want to see the fantastic motifs Nymano has in his music to be pushed to the brink, fully fleshed out and realized.

Check out some more Nymano’s music here and you can support his work by purchasing Romance on Bandcamp

Favorite Tracks: this girl, at home with you (ft faeriey), summer is gone (ft esne)

Least Favorite Tracks: stay (ft esne), back to reality

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