Feel – Sonder

It’s Monday afternoon and I’m currently drinking gin (alone) analyzing all of the times I’ve ruined relationships. I’m not supposed to be feeling these complex emotions this early in the week...
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Gallant – Weight In Gold (Ta–ku Remix)

Gallant – Weight In Gold (Ta-ku Remix)

Check out this Ta-ku remix of the Gallant song "Weight In Gold." This track sounds like the inside a wool cap John Legend wears when its chilly outside. It's dope. You should listen to it; if not for me,...
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LÈON- Tired of Talking

I went to a restaurant yesterday. I ordered spring rolls and a green curry. The waiter told me to enjoy my meal. I said "thanks you too." We looked at each other. I was embarrassed. I haven't stopped thinking...

Ryan Hemsworth– Snow In Newark (with Dawn Golden)

Ryan Hemsworth- Snow In Newark (with Dawn Golden)

Here's some smooth vibes. All about the vibes these days-- am I right?! It's the first single from his new album via Last Gang / Secret Songs. At around the 2 minute mark is really where you're...
Ánders - I Wish (You Were Mine)

Ánders – I Wish (You Were Mine)

Ánders – I Wish (You Were Mine)

So you got the monday blues. Here's a mellow jam that will bring a tear to your eye & brighten your day. Ánders went around (presumedly) London and asked 12 strangers to call the person they wish...